Avant-garde hairstyle, image of a rock star, tattoos and incredible velvet voice that is Dusan Marko - alias Marco, who was lately called "a man born to be on stage". He released his first solo album "Giving Me Life" which shows his multi-genre taste and ability to sing, compose and play multiple instruments.


Who is Dušan Marko? Born in north-east Slovakia, he grew up in culturally rich environment which has been shaping his personality and his music until today. His strong voice and passion for music have been a gift from his mom and grandfather - and their love 

for Slovakian folk music.

 At the age of ten, Dušan performed in an Oliver Twist musical in Slovakia. His music taste, however, spread across 

the whole spectrum of music genres - from hiphop made by a Czech band Chaozz, through Backstreet Boys, to Prodigy and Ozzy Osbourne. At this point, you won't be surprised that his first band, Amatae Adea, was playing progressive metal.

 Dušan has a degree in jazz music from Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory in Prague. His diverse musical development contributed to his reputation of a multi-genre musician who is able to sing absolutely anything from pop through rock, R&B and soul to jazz, while playing piano or percussion. His musical influence comes from John Mayer, Chris Stapleton or Frank Ocean.

 Performing took Dušan to places, that made him fall in love with travelling - thanks to being invited to sing and play on transoceanic cruises, where he gained the most valuable experience with live concerts.

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